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Pure Cow Gheee

Pure Cow Gheee

per 500 ml


Product details

Natural, homemade pure cow ghee, obtained from freshly obtained milk in hygienic households’ remote villages of western ghats. 

Cow Ghee is prepared in traditional Bilona method by hand churning the curd. Cow milk from western Ghat is naturally rich in vitamins due to the ability to roam around free in open air. They consume the natural herbs and plans when they left free and enough sunlight exposure keeps them naturally healthy.  No hormonal injections and protein powders are given to the Cows to ensure consumer safety and health. No additives, taste boosters or preservatives are added. Quality is our promise!

This Ghee is Rich in: 

  • Helps in weight loss
  • Good / essential body fat
  • No preservatives, additives added
  • No hormonal injections / protein powders given to cows.

This is 100% NATURAL product; Colour and Composition may vary from batch to batch. 

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