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Joni Bella (Semi Solid Jaggery)

Joni Bella (Semi Solid Jaggery)

Size: 1KG

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Joni bellas is  a Pure form of Jaggery. This liquid concentrate Jaggery is made from the naturally grown Sugarcanes in Sirsi and Siddapura regions of Westernghats in Karnataka. This sweet Jaggery syrup ideal for cooking and consumption with Dosa, Chaptai, etc direrectkly. This isa a healthy replacement of Sugar in your food! 

This Joni Bella variety is purely in Semi Solid/ Semi Liquid form Joni Bella (Semi Solid Jaggery)  . We also have Liquid Joni Bella option. Search for  (Joni Syrup or Jaggey Syrup) in our product list.


  • Made from 100% Naturually grown Sugarcane
  • No Chemicals / Preservatives added.
  • Rich source of many vital minerals inluding iron and antioxidants
  • Treat a variety of digestive issues. 

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